Romancing Sindh – Treading an Unchartered Territory with Love and Songs

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“This book Romancing Sindh is a very fascinating book. He heard the “Oral history of Sindh” from his father and set out on the journey to explore his roots. While on this unusual journey he found some very preciuos nuggets of ancient History of Sindh and he has presented them in a very arresting manner. In this way his journey becomes the journey of the reader also. He links his internal journey of “Self” to this journey and the result is quite rewarding. A book worth cherishing.”

Mohan Gehani
Noted Sindhi Scholar, Playwright, Translator and Poet

“Romancing Sindh is a book that has a nuance of ‘Tender Memories in a heart that throbs’. From Memoirs to Memories centred round Mother’s love and wisdom, from nostalgia to reminiscence, from anecdotes to allegories, the author Sri Anand Krishna nudges on an array of diverse subjects ranging from history to everyday life-wisdom and finally scaling to the galaxies of spiritual mores. Each subsequent chapter seemingly merges seamlessly with awe inspiring narratives that leads you from Romancing with the mundane to Romancing with your inner self.”

Dayal N. Harjani aka Daduzen, Hongkong
Philanthropist & Author


“The separation from the land of ancestors, the legacy of the rich culture, the pain and joy, the comforts and teachings that a mother provides is evidently encompassed in the explanation of the Romance depicted through Sindhi soulful songs by Anand Krishna whom I choose to address as my Bhau (elder brother). The book is a journey through nostalgic moments and invokes the Sindhi cultural pride along with a Divine ecstasy as a lineage.”

Monica Gokaldas (Sikiladi), Nairobi
Founder Member, Sindhi Welfare Society & Poet

Publisher: Centre for Vedic & Dharmic Studies

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