Tri Hita Karana: Ancient Balinese Wisdom for Neo Humans

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Our religious scholars often explain our relation with God as a vertical one. While our relationship with fellow human beings and with nature is said to be a horizontal one. How can we draw such lines?


Even more erroneous is the notion that there is a hierarchy or relationships; that the relationship with God having pre-eminence over relationships with nature and with the rest of humanity.


This erroneous perception has disturbed the entire ecosystem and given rise to a whole system of “sin-laundering”. The author of this little but very important and timely book tries to awaken us to the true meaning and practice of Tri Hita Karana – The 3 Principles of Well Being – in which the living beings, nature and God are not separated by lines, but meet in a circle.


Publisher: Anand Krishna Global Cooperation

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